Website size: approx. 32 KB - half of the Commodore 64's available RAM


Welcome to my personal website. It's a work in progress at the moment, but feel free to take a look around.

I'm learning web development using the tutorials provided at MDN Web Docs. They manage to be both comprehensive, yet beginner-accessible. They cover best practices and accessibility in relative detail, which is some stuff you just might not pick up elsewhere. Highly recommended!

I recently switched to the Pale Moon browser from Firefox because I like supporting projects like that; plus, the browser is really functional and runs all the web apps I use like a charm. I would recommend giving it a shot if you're a little uncomfortable with the monopoly that Google has on browsers (owns Google Chrome and funds 90% of Mozilla :O).

On the topic of the name

Why did I name this site dFRAG? Well, it's a reference to the process of disk defragmentation, which is where data is shuffled around on a disk to fit more continuously (Wikipedia page on defragmentation). I like to think that's what this site aims to do -- just gather cool links and stuff from around the web for your reading enjoyment. Ironically, my laptop has an SSD and I am more of a Linux user myself, so I'll probably never need to deal with defragging myself (defragging SSDs is pointless and the Linux ext4 filesystem would handle that for me anyway). Still, I think the term has a cool hacker-y retro feel to it!

Cool links (updated )